Kevin Smook, working for you!

Kevin Smook to seek nomination for UCP Camrose Constituency.

You are the boss.

We need a strong voice for Rural Alberta. We need someone who works for the people and understands that you are the boss.

To join Kevin's team, or to arrange an in-person meeting with you and your friends call Kevin at 780-995-9339 or call Dale Oleksyn at 780-608-5666.

Students can have a say! Although you are ineligible to vote in the provincial election until you turn 18, you can still help choose the UCP representative in the Camrose Riding. 14+ youth can purchase a party membership and VOTE! What are your concerns about Alberta's future? Contact Kevin at 780-995-9339.

Meet Kevin Smook

My wife Sheila and I have been living in the area for over 28 years. This is where we raised our family and launched our real estate business. All four of our children graduated from Tofield School and two of them graduated from the University of Alberta Augustana Campus. I wish they continued to live in this area, but they have pursued opportunities elsewhere. I’d like to work towards creating more opportunities right here, in the Camrose Constituency, so we can retain and attract young people to our area.

My political experience includes over 8 years serving on Beaver County Council. I was elected in 2013 and acclaimed in the 2017 and 2021 municipal elections. Council also elected me as Reeve in 2014 and again in 2021. I’m also proud to have been involved with many community boards (Lions Club, Ag Society, Chamber, Rotary), and I've been the back up play-by-play voice for the Camrose Kodiaks for over 10 years.

I am conservative and the strongest conservative movement is the United Conservative Party.

I intend to seek the nomination to become the UCP Camrose Candidate in the next Provincial election and I can't do it without your support. I’m not here for the photo ops -- I intend to roll up my sleeves and work for you, the people of the Camrose Constituency. Donations to my campaign are appreciated.

Kevin Smook, Working for you!

Contact Kevin: 780-995-9339 or 780-672-0010

Dale Oleksyn: 780-608-5666